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Under Casepedia, a new company off shoot of The SAS Law School, the work placement/work experience + programme was re-launched as a stand alone service and made accessible globally. It can be used as a tool to help those seeking both legal and non legal based employment.
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Do you agree that these 2 problems are faced by many?


The bigger the unexplained gap in your CV/Resume the harder it becomes to get a job interview. The harder it is to get an interview the harder it becomes to get a job.


Millions of us currently in a job are likely to experience, sometime in the future, a period of unemployment and possible unwanted gaps growing in our CV/Resumes.


A challenging work experience+ programme that we guarantee will impress most employers by filling unwanted gaps with meaningful confidence building work. And that welcomes job seekers, students, and work returnees onto its programme.

A work programme that offers on-line training followed by inspiring, high quality, flexible work experience that uniquely allows participants to work together in pairs and inspire each other to overcome challenges and achieve greater job success.

A dignifying work experience+ programme that you control. Work 1 day, 5 days, 20 days a month. Work 1 month, 4 months, 9 months, or until you get a job. You choose when, where and for how long you stay on this unique work programme.

A work programme that provides you with 24/7 quality job references that you can download and attach to every single job application or CV you send out. And also allows you to download and take with you to an interview a portfolio of your work.

  • Fact: A good 1st impression means more interviews – which means more job offers. .

  • Fact: A bad 1st impression means less interviews – which means less job offers.……..

  • Fact: Your CV/Resume or Application form creates a 1st impression – good or bad!

  • Fact: If your CV/Resume does not pass the 7 seconds job scan test it gets thrashed..

  • Fact: In today’s job market, gaps can prevent or seriously slow down CRB checks.

  • Fact: Unwanted gaps creates anxiety and a loss of confidence during job interviews.


To Register

An Admin Charge May Be Required


Why Request a Job Reference?


Our Job Reference facility can be used in 3 ways.
1/ Traditionally, to send a job reference to a prospective employer on request.

2/ To be innovative and proactive and attach a job reference to every CV/Resume or job application you send out from today onwards!
3/ As a feedback tool that allows you to see beforehand what the reference will say.
(This feedback feature can motivate you to improve the strength of the reference by you increasing your level of work activity.)

To request or download a Job Reference Click Here

Why download a Job Portfolio?


Attending a job interview with samples of the kind of work you have carried out during your work experience with us can give a prospective employer a much better insight into your potential. Even if the job you are applying for is not directly related to your work experience with us, be it in administration, business, media or all three, your ‘Job Portfolio’ can nonetheless paint a very positive picture of your capabilities.

Instead of relying on just your CV/Resume at your interview a prospective employer can get a much broader idea of your work capabilities. Based on your job portfolio a prospective employer can more easily question you on specific aspects of your work experience.

It will also enable you to give verbal testimony and explanations of what was involved in the work you are presenting as a sample of your abilities. Your ability to articulate on what was behind your work and some of the skills not so easily describable in a CV can edge you ahead of competitors and together with your references already provided may make you the favourite candidate to fill the post.

To download a job portfolio  Click Here

Please Note:

If you have friends who are already registered on our work experience programme you can still choose to work as a group. We really do not mind if 2, 3 or 4 of you all work on the same assignment at the same location until you gain the confidence to work on your own.


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